Updates on Fountain of Life with COVID-19 (CORONAVIRUS DISEASE 2019)

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Studies show that estrogen has antiviral properties. This may be the reason that twice as many men have died from the coronavirus than women, although that statistic may change as women are employed in healthcare positions that place them in the line of fire.

This theory is based upon the ability of estrogen to block the alpha and beta estrogen receptor sites to prevent viral replication. This is similar to the phytoestrogen’s ability to stop uncontrolled cell growth through the blocking of the beta estrogen receptor site.

Lowering replication of viruses in the cells with a phytoestrogen such as Fountain of Life is potentially an important step in preventing viruses from causing damage.

While more study is required, these new revelations bring new hope to the impact of our diet and the lignans we ingest.

30 plus drops a day of Fountain of Life is your simple, yet effective way to boost your immune system. Fountain of Life is not a cure or vaccine for Covid-19.

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