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  • Single Bottle of Fountain of Life Antioxidant Drops – Made From The Best Norwegian Spruce (picea abies) Tree Extract using world exclusive patented extraction process.
  • Bottle Content: 30ml (1 US fl oz) or 300 drops each
  • Reduces breast cancer risks, colon cancer risks, heart disease risks, diabetes complications, cardiovascular disease risks.
  • Protects and improves immune system against viruses, hair health, heart health, metabolism, DNA, prostate health.product trust badges
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Fountain of Life Benefits Explained

Internal Benefits

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Topical Benefits

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8 reviews for Single Bottle – Trial Pack

  1. tracey

    Amazing product! Phenomenal high performing antioxidant at an affordable price!

  2. Bojosi

    I wanted to share this testimonial.

    So, I ran out of FOL! *gasp*! I intentionally did not reorder to see what would happen. Since the launch of FOL I had been taking it until last week, and it helped me greatly with bowel movements.

    This week that I have been off FOL, guess what’s happening, constipation and bloating are back????!! There’s another thing that I did not realise in the past 4months, I did not have period pains and I wasn’t even aware. Guess what’s back, period pains!

    Here’s the take away- this is the first and only time I am ever going to run out of FOL!

  3. Marie S

    I had severe knee issues and Sciatica pain that went all the way down my right leg. I also had surgery on that hip area to remove congealed blood after falling on a rock. So had scar tissue and pea size lumps up my hip area. Very painful to touch and could not lay on that side.

    After a month of taking Fountain Of Life and applying it topically using a carrier oil. The lumps are now flat and very little pain. My Sciatica hardly ever flares up anymore.

    I highly recommend using FOL. I am taking probably 15 drops sublingual at meal times. Make the choice to use FOL.

  4. Jen

    I had a shocking appointment at the hospital today! Although i can not make any claims or confirm it was infact FOL. It was my follow up for my 6 mm lump and 2 smaller lumps in my breast and biopsy on the lumps.

    They could not do any biopsy cause the lumps are gone. She had to ask and double check if it was the correct breast.

    Iin 2009 I had 7 lumps removed in my breasts and they have been monitoring it very closely as breast cancer runs in my family.

    Im happy to say i have been given a clean bill of health!

  5. Tammy D.

    Over the fall, my whole body has transformed…and it started with 1 bottle of Fountain of Life.
    • My skin is clear, bright and definitely years younger.
    • No more bags under my eyes!!
    • My hair is thick and super shiny.
    • My energy is up, and my appetite is down! Win win…!!!
    • My migraines are completely gone 100%!!(No more hiding in the dark with ice packs
    on my eyes waiting for the prescription pills to kick in)
    • My anxiety is gone 100%
    • This is my life, and I’m over the moon happy with FOL!!

  6. Mona

    Fountain of Life has been life changing. I am going through that hormonal imbalance that many women face. I had hot flashes and I sweated profusely, waking up at least three times at night to change. After taking Fountain of Life for six weeks, it all stopped and now, I sleep completely all night long. My husband of 37 years is taking Fountain of Life and he has stopped snoring which means he is breathing better at night!

  7. Ted

    More than a year my sister have a cataract it’s like a white clouds covered her eyes, my senior Pastor Gil introduced FOL. after a week using FOL thanks GOD her cataract has gone. 10 drops a day empty stomach before breakfast, God use herbal FOL for this millennial generation..

  8. Mike Anthony

    Good product I recommend to everyone

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