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Fountain of life Drops is The Most Powerful Natural Antioxidant On The Planet

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Engineered by Nature

Feel the Power of Each Drop! The Fountain of Life drops or FOL, made from Norwegian spruce extract (picea abies), helps prevent or stop cell damage caused by free radicals. It Boosts, Protects and Strengthens your immune system.

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 FOL High Performance Antioxidants

Fountain of Life price listed are in USD. (We ship globally) – FOL Norwegian spruce extract that is proudly made in Canada, only available online website and not sold in stores.

Covid-19 Update: Due to supply chain disruptions and heavy demand, there may be variations of the bottle and packaging. All countries for example UK, Canada, Norway and Sweden have regulations when it comes to labeling. For all US orders we follow US guidelines, there may be an overlapping label. This is to comply with US bylaws. Please note that this is not a medicine but a functional food source.

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17 x More Antioxidants Than Flaxseed

When comparing Flaxseed that you buy from Amazon and the Fountain Of Life lignans (plant antioxidants), Flaxseed contains about 300 mg of lignans for every 100 ml. Whereas Fountain of Life supplements contain over 5166 mg of lignans in 100 ml. There are many plants that contain lignans. However, the facts are clear that Fountain of Life contains the highest quality and quantity of lignans from nature. No other lignans source comes close to the potency of the FOL Norwegian spruce extract.


Lignans are proving to offer incredible benefits to our health as it improves your chance for a healthier cardiovascular system, increase your levels of protection against cancer, and diabetes.


Lignans have shown anti-inflammatory properties that can improve arthritis and chronic inflammatory conditions that lead to cardiovascular issues.

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The oil extract from the Norwegian Spruce has proven to be effective against many viruses, bacteria and parasites to allow a safe, natural preservative in formulations.

24 Patents

Scientist have formulated a 24 worldwide patented process to capture the power of the Picea Abies extract from the Norwegian Spruce with its incredible antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Fountain of Life Reviews

Read some of the many thousands of Fountain of Life reviews

After over a year of not being able to close my hands, the swelling has gone down considerably and the pain is down from an 8 to a 2! I have severe rheumatoid arthritis. My hip is also doing much better….. and the energy…. Lets just say in full of It! ?????? I had an appointment with my Dr this morning, and he took a bottle home for his wife! Thank you so much for this powerful blessing???


WOW…I have now been taking my FOL daily for 13 days….As an Insulin dependant Diabetic I have suffered from high blood sugars in the mornings 12-15. After 5 days my fasting blood sugars (overnight) have dropped to an 8. I am sleeping through the night which has never happened due to being up peeing all night due to high sugars!!!!…I am soo stoked to continue to use FOL to see how much better I feel!!!!


Been living with pain for around 15 yrs. Started with low back pain and sciatica, progressing to arthritic symptoms and chronic inflammation throughout almost my entire body. I’ve had physiotherapy, deep tissue massage every treatment you can think of which did have some relief but only short term. I received my FOL yesterday and for the first time in years i slept through the night without feeling discomfort and woke up this morning with minimal pain in my lower back. This is just Day 1 on FOL…Finally a product that really works!


I am going through that hormonal imbalance that many women face. I had hot flashes and I sweated profusely, waking up at least three times at night to change. After taking Fountain of Life for six weeks, it all stopped and now, I sleep completely all night long. My husband of 37 years is taking Fountain of Life and he has stopped snoring which means he is breathing better at night!

Mona L

Easiest Way to Boost Your Immune System

According to the World Health Organization, “people with weakened immune systems and people with conditions such as diabetes, heart and lung disease are also more vulnerable to serious illness.”

With Fountain of Life drops, you can take steps to lower long-term inflammation caused by free radicals that is a cause of many illnesses. Now you can greatly reduce risk factors by adding lignans to our diet. Lignans found in Fountain of Life have proven to lower inflammation, protecting you and your family from free radicals.

10-30 plus drops a day of Fountain of Life oil is your simple, yet effective way to boost your immune system. Put the Fountain of life drops under your tongue once a day. Leave the oil in your mouth for 1 minute before swallowing.

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Maintain Your Wellbeing and Peace of Mind

Frequently Asked Questions

Lignans are our best source for dietary antioxidants. These plant nutrients neutralize the impact of free radicals on our body. The highest quality of lignans have been discovered in the Norwegian Spruce Tree. Health professionals recommend an increase in foods containing lignans. A 30 year study showed 30% less cancer, and 30% less heart disease for those following a high lignan diet.

There are two ingredients in the Fountain of Life. The Picea Abies extract, from the Norwegian Spruce,  is the medicinal ingredient in FOL. The term medicinal does not connote a treatment but indicates the active ingredient. This is the source of lignans.

The second is Trimethylene Glycol or 1,3 Propanediol is a derivative of non-GMO corn sugar. The US FDA has reviewed this and classified this as a food source. The Mexican FDA has approved its use in medicinal products. This is the carrier for the lignans in our product. It is a natural, corn derivative that is safe for human consumption. It is widely used around the world and has undergone extensive testing. Trimethylene Glycol is NOT the same as Triethylene Glycol. Unfortunately, often times when users search for “trimethylene glycol”, the search engine changes it to “triethylene glycol”, which causes concern and confusion.

Fountain of Life is an alcohol-free formulation. It contains the extract from two plant sources – Norwegian Spruce and corn.

It is human safe, considered as a food source and 100% Certified Organic.

It’s recommended that Fountain of Life be placed under the tongue where it is absorbed sublingually or ingested and absorbed through our digestive system. When it enters the plasma in our blood, this Norwegian spruce extract is converted to enterolactone, a powerful human antioxidant. Enterolactone neutralizes free radicals that can lead to potential cellular damage over time and inflammation that can lead to cardiovascular disease. Not all plants lignans convert as efficiently and completely as Fountain of Life, making this nature’s most powerful antioxidant. The World’s Most Powerful Functional Food. The patented extraction process creates a food safe product that can be ingested. It’s incredibly safe, there is NO toxicity level established.

When a person takes Fountain of Life by placing it under their tongue, the extract is absorbed sublingually.

This means that FOL is quickly absorbed in to our bloodstream and in the blood plasma, it is converted to enterolactone, which is a mammalian lignan. Without this conversion, the human body cannot utilize the antioxidant.

When we ingest Fountain of Life, it is absorbed in our small intestine and goes through the same process. What makes our lignan efficient compared to flaxseed is the fact that flaxseed has to be cleaved in the small bowel before it is absorbed. Due to this extra step, it is sometimes not absorbed to its fullest.

As some people will place FOL in gelatin capsules, there is no change in efficacy, assuming that their digestive system is not compromised. If they can digest the capsule, they will still receive the same benefits as placing it under their tongue.

Fountain of Life is not a drug or a medicine.

Side effects are associated with medication and not food supplements. If you stop taking FOL, your body will most likely revert to its former state, as many have stated when they have not ordered FOL before their supply ran out.

Chronic issues may return as free radicals will continue to bombard our system and create a chronic inflammatory state. However, there are no side effects related to Fountain of Life during or after taking it.

Anyone taking medications that are important to their health should consult a physician to ensure that high performance antioxidants will not impact the efficacy of their drug therapy.

When a doctor is unfamiliar with the lignans from the Norwegian Spruce, simply ask them if adding high amounts of flaxseed or sesame seed to your diet will impact your medication. If they state “yes”, then FOL is not indicated for use and if they say “no”, then FOL is good for use.

The lignans from flax and sesame seed go through the same process as FOL. Fountain of Life drops is much more efficient but this should give you an idea if in fact dietary lignans affect your medication.

When it comes to viruses, bacteria and parasites, you can’t be too careful. Don’t wait to get sick again. Be proactive and eliminate these harmful pathogens you’re exposed to everyday. Quantities of Fountain of Life Norwegian spruce extract may be limited, so order today for guaranteed delivery.

Protect Your Health Naturally

With Fountain of Life Norwegian spruce extract
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