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  • 6 Bottles of Fountain of Life Antioxidant Drops – Made From The Best Norwegian Spruce (picea abies) Tree Extract using world exclusive patented extraction process.
  • Bottle Content: 30ml (1 US fl oz) or approx 300 drops each
  • Reduces breast cancer risks, colon cancer risks, heart disease risks, diabetes complications, cardiovascular disease risks.
  • Protects and improves immune system against viruses, hair health, heart health, metabolism, DNA, prostate health.

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  • Proudly made in Canada, not sold in stores
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  • Maintain and protect your health, wellbeing and peace of mind
  • Compact size makes it convenient for use wherever you go
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  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

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The high content of plant Lignans and other powerful antioxidants found in Fountain of Life supplement comes from the potent, proprietary extract of the Norwegian Spruce tree extract, which is known to carry extensive amounts of health benefits as outlined below.

What Are The Benefits Of Fountain of Life Oil?

Fountain of Life Drop Protects and Improves:

  • Immune System Against Viruses
  • Hair Health
  • Heart Health
  • Metabolism
  • DNA
  • Prostate Health

Fountain of Life Antioxidant Drops Reduces:

  • Breast Cancer Risks
  • Colon Cancer Risks
  • Heart Disease Risks
  • Diabetes Complications
  • Cardiovascular Disease Risks
What’s The Dosage of Fountain of Life?

The daily dosage of FOL Norwegian spruce extract is dependent upon your body weight. We recommend taking a minimum of 5 drops per day for users weighing 50kg (110 lb) or less and 10 drops for those weighing over 50kg. If you weigh over 100 kg (220 lb), you should consider taking more than 10 drops to receive the maximum antioxidant supplement benefit from Fountain of Life. The general rule is to add 1 drop per every 10kg (22 lb) of body weight.


How To Use (Internal Usage)?

Fountain of Life has the naturally bitter taste of the Norwegian Spruce Tree. Fountain of Life drops can be taken straight – simply put the Fountain of Life drops under your tongue once a day. Leave it in your mouth for 1 minute before swallowing. It can also be added to food or beverages, such as yogurt, water, juice, tea, coffee or beer.

How To Use (Topical Usage)?

Lignans supplements have proven to offer wound healing properties when placed directly on cuts and abrasions. When used topically in the mouth, lignans have helped address gum inflammation. Place Fountain of Life antioxidant drops directly on your tongue and move it around the mouth. The lignans will adhere naturally to your teeth and gums for this application do not use juice or water as a mixer as it will wash the lignans away.

There are reports and reviews that skin conditions such as acne have improved with lignans supplements. Conditions such as nail fungus, ingrown nails, and cuticle issues have shown improvements with topical conditions.

For those with hemorrhoids, direct application of lignans reduces the inflammation and discomfort.

It can be used topically, however, it should never be used in the eyes or in the ears.

How To Lose Weight?

A study was recently published on the lignan in Fountain of Life (7-HMR). The results showed a lowering of insulin resistance, increased fat metabolism and lower cholesterol levels which led to weight loss in subjects.

This demonstrates that as a functional food, Fountain of Life supplement can replace the lost lignans no longer in many food sources and provide use with significant benefits to our well-being. To lower body weight, please take a minimum of 30 drops once per day.

How To Boosts Hair Growth and Volume?

Fountain of Life antioxidant drops can be used in the shampoo and conditioner to address scalp issues and flakes. Add 5 ml for every 100 ml of shampoo or conditioner to effectively reduce flakes and improve scalp health.

How To Protect Pet’s Health?

Fountain of Life product can protect and preserve the health of your house pets. If your pets are spayed or neutered, lignans can help with their hormonal balance Lignans have shown to improve the health of dogs suffering from Cushing’s Disease. Add 1 drop of FOL per 10 kg of pet’s weight to their food on a daily basis.

Expecting Mothers and Breastfeeding

There are no studies to support the use of Fountain of Life drops for pregnant or breastfeeding women. Although the profile of FOL is extremely safe, we cannot corporately state that FOL is safe to use without a plethora of studies and years of research.This rule applies for all products, regardless of whether it is plant-based or not.

Studies are conducted under strict conditions and it must be noted that it is difficult to recruit pregnant women who wish to risk the health of their unborn child.

During the development of a child, it is critical to follow the approved directions of the government agencies that are primarily concerned with the health of children and fetal health. Regardless of which country you reside, each government is concerned about the welfare of children and companies have to follow strict rules.

What Are The Ingredients in Fountain of Life?
  • 7-hydroxymatairesinol
  • 7-hydroxymatairesinol (isomer)
  • Secoisolaresinol
  • Laricimatairesinol
  • Alpha-conidendren
  • Liovil
  • Lariciresinol

Store in a cool, dry place to preserve freshness. Do not use if the safety seal is broken.

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6 Bottles Couples Pack

Proudly made in Canada. Not sold in stores.


In Stock

12 customer reviews
peoples choice award

Order processed within 1 to 3 days. Estimated delivery time from Canada time depends on the courier with tracking number provided.

12 reviews for 6 Bottles Couples Pack

  1. Kendra

    I needed to share how life changing FOL has been for me. After years of excessive exercise as a fitness professional, malnutrition and low body weight, when I started FOL in February I had not had my period for at least 10 years. My blood work in September showed my endocrine system was shot, and an MRI revealed insufficiency fractures in my pelvis. I started FOL in February and within two weeks my cycle started with no pms symptoms. By the third month my cycle was regular and blood work showed my hormones were regulating. FOL has significantly decreased inflammation and pain in my body. First the pain at my fractured bones was gone within a month. I used it both orally, and topically on my bones. Diagnosed with a hip labral tear last year, and denied surgery, I thought I would have to learn to live with hip and groin pain, or keep getting repeated cortisone injections. FOL eliminated the pain and inflammation within weeks, and I am back doing activities I was told I would never return to. FOL has balanced out my mood and emotions, restored my energy and has improved my sleep. FOL has significantly changed my health and life in just a short 5 months. Excited to see and experience more as the months progress.

  2. Monica

    As I was overweight, I decided to take a full dropper of Fountain of Life every morning and every night beginning March of this year. I had high blood pressure but was not on any medication for anything. From the beginning of taking FOL, I instantly had more energy and slept better every night. I started exercising and totally changed my diet (no salt). Within 6 wks, I lost 17 kgs which also meant my blood pressure was improving (from high 190’s/ 120’s). Now, at 61 yrs of age, my blood pressure is normal and I’ve never been fitter in all my life. So thanks to FOL, with a combination of exercise and a good diet, I’ll have a longer happier life

  3. Marilyn

    5 weeks ago had a nasty fall resulting in a fractured fibula badly sprained ankle and knee. According to Mr google it takes approximately 3-6 months to heal a fractured fibula. The very next day after the fall I consumed a full dropper of FOL morning and evening instead of the standard 10 drops per day. Pleased to say that only 5 weeks later I’m able to walk walk without crutches and xrays has shown healing extremely well. I’m currently wearing a knee brace just to help while healing tissue damage as this takes a little longer to correct.

  4. Tracy

    After over a year of not being able to close my hands, the swelling has gone down considerably and the pain is down from an 8 to a 2! I have severe rheumatoid arthritis. My hip is also doing much better….. and the energy….

    Lets just say in full of It!?????? I had an appointment with my Dr this morning, and he took a bottle home for his wife!

    Thank you so much for this powerful blessing???

  5. Ursula

    I started using the Fountain of Life Supplement on February 15th 2018. Since then I have not missed a single day and I am so grateful for this.

    Fountain of Life has brought me such an increase in my energy levels and I see it every day. Another item that I’ve noticed is a huge improvement in my skin quality (smoother, less break outs, more relaxed). My overall mood has improved tremendously… even our continuous winter weather (in April!!!) can’t bring me down.

    My sleep is so much sounder and deeper and in the morning I feel much more refreshed. This is worth gold when a person has a busy day ahead!

    But the biggest item that I have noticed is the improvement of my hand and finger mobility and the reduction of my pain levels due to the arthritis I have in my hands. So happy and grateful for that alone!

  6. Tammy

    Fountain of Life could not have been named any better! With the continued use over the past fifteen months, I have been given back a life that I originally thought I would never see again! Once confined to a wheelchair, I had been told I would never be able to escape because of the combined effects of Multiple Sclerosis and degenerative disc disease with arthritis in every joint and broken bone from childhood on. When Fountain of Life was introduced, I tried it and prayed for the best. Never did I think that it would do for me for what it did! Now the wheelchair, walker, and canes sit in the corner each day a constant reminder not to forget my little Miracle in a bottle.

  7. Fred

    I woke up in the middle of the night to pee. It was so dark, I tripped and hit my head on the door’s handle. I was bleeding and had a bruise the size of a golf ball. Because I’m into blood thinners, I was bleeding quite badly. I remember FOL that I had for just a day. Put a few drops on a cotton bud n applied to the wound and bruise. Went back to bed. The following morning, I looked at the mirror. Bruise disappeared and only an inch long cut was left. Now it’s healed. FOL indeed is a fountain of life!

  8. Carmel

    I woke up on Saturday May 2nd with a sore throat and I wondered why because I take my FOL drops but I actually forgot to take them one day. Yes, ONE day!!! And the past few days, I’ve had chills, sweats, runny nose and massive headaches.

    I’ve called my doctor to see if it was strep throat and not COVID-19 (coronavirus). She said because of the symptoms I should be tested, well I was tested in Tuesday and the results came back today (Friday). Negative!!!! FOL is such a powerful product but letting your defences down and forgetting to take it for ONE day is something I will never do again.

  9. Fowell

    I am diabetic amongst other things. I started my drops on 6/3/18. I did my usual fasting blood sugar test which was 259. (Nothing unusual). I took the 10 drops went about my day without feeling any changes. Went to bed around 10pm and it was when I woke up the next morning at 9:30am. It was when I realized that things had changed but didn’t feel it at the time. One of my many issues is insomnia. I had actually slept all throughout the night and even over slept ????. Did my sugar test again and it was 210. I was so happy that i shed a tear. I am happy to know about fountain of life and that gave me hope to build a healthier me. I am starting to be myself again. ❤

  10. Darle

    Over the weekend I was dog sitting a 10-year-old Golden Retriever who was having health issues and experiencing diarrhea. I’ve added 4 drops to her food each day while in my care. (4 days) On day 2 her bowel movements are back to normal, she looks fresh and has her energy back!

  11. Donna

    I started FOL in June and must say I feel amazing. I have had joint pain in my hands and since I have been applying it to my joints I feel so much better very little pain. I also have been putting FOL in my shampoo and have noticed my hair feeling so much healthier and less hair loss. Thank you FOL.

  12. Vern

    I caught Coronavirus 6 days ago, the first few days I had really low energy, temperature, headaches and also luck of breath and dry throat then friend of mine recommended me to take a good dose of Fountain of life I started taken More than 40 drops a day and now I’m in 7 days of the holding the virus my body is improved for much better all the symptoms has more or less gone.

    I recommend everyone who believes have Coronavirus try to take more than 40 Fountain of Life drops a day, please tell everyone to do what I did.

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